The fee for basic form preparation is $159.00.  We do offer additional services that you may or may may not need for an additional cost.   As you go through the registration process as well as the purchase you can decide if you need more help than just a form preparation.  

For example,  if you have a pet, you might want a form to help you and your spouse decide who gets the pet as the that is not part of the divorce documents recognized by the court system.  There are other forms you may decide you want as you go through the registration process as well.

Finally, we do offer an upgrade to help you serve your spouse and file the documents in the court. This is something that you can do but we can help.  So as you go through the process we offer the ability to add options.  We believe in a an a-la-cart solution to divorce.  Its easier and cheaper than an attorney.

Th basic fee is $159.  Yes you can get all the forms you need for a basic divorce for only $159.  

Its always good to have options should you want more.

That's all there is to it.

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